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  1. New African Union Founded to Copy EU Success (l) - Formation of the Organization of African Unity
  1. World News & Trends: November/December 2009 (l) - An overview of conditions around the world. November 2009
  2. Where is America headed? (l) - Not so long ago liberal commentators in the United States spoke of the European economic success in glowing terms - indicating that social democracy works.
Obama administration
  1. Puzzling U.S. Support for Islamists Over Moderates (l) - It should be pointed out that there are truly moderate Muslims and non-Muslims scattered throughout the Middle East who desire Western freedoms. They are in the minority, however -- just over 20 percent, estimates Andrew McCarthy in his new book Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy (2013, p. 55). But they are not the ones receiving Western support -- even in places where they have higher numbers.
Obama, Barack
  1. Has America Lost Its Way? (l) - America's leaders are making history -- but not in a good way. Rejecting biblical values that long strengthened the nation, some are now pursuing a treacherous path earlier leaders warned of long ago.
  2. A "New World Disorder" Stalks Humanity (l) - During early autumn a Wall Street Journal editorial stated: "The Obama Presidency has been an era of slowly building tension and disorder that seems likely to flare into larger troubles and perhaps even military conflict no matter who wins in November. This is the bigger picture . . ." ("The New World Disorder," Sept. 13, 2012).
Obama, Barak
  1. Prayer for Success (l) - When Barack Obama lifts his hand and takes the oath of office on Jan. 20, he will inherit a nation facing more fear and uncertainty than any generation since the 1930s. What should be his first priority? Where should his focus be as he places his hand on the Bible?
  2. U.S. Presidential Leadership Called into Question (l) - Of potentially greater concern than the Middle East minefield are the serious straits besetting U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration.
  1. American Religious Freedoms Undermined (l) - We reside in a culture of contraception.
  2. Silencing God's Children (l) - A major part of the war against God and godly values is the scourge of abortion -- the murder of the most helpless.
  1. Jesus, Paul and the New Covenant (l) - Did Jesus and the apostle Paul agree on how Christians should regard the Old Testament? Or, as is commonly believed, did Paul radically change the religion that Jesus Christ established?
  2. Act Without Thinking (l) - It seems like strange advice, but come along and you'll see what I mean.
  3. What Does It Mean to Believe in Jesus? (l) - Many claim to believe in Jesus Christ, but according to the Bible they really don't. How can you know that your belief is genuine?
  4. Goodness: God's Character and Man's Potential (l) - The spiritual fruit of goodness enables sinful man to do good and to be good--good in the truest sense of the word. Goodness, after all, is the essence of God's nature.
  5. A Lesson From the Rechabites (l) - An Old Testament family vow can teach us even deeper lessons today.
  6. Abundant Fresh Fruit: To Serve God and Share With Others (l) - We can become like God by having His Spirit dwelling in us. As we grow spiritually, we should see more and more evidence of that miracle--more and more "fruit of the Spirit." And with more and more fruit, there is more and more to give to others!
  7. God's Investment (l) - Can we earn our salvation?
  8. Proverbs: Who Pursues Righteousness (l) - Wisdom that sticks with you - straight from God's Word.
  9. Is Belief All That's Required for God's Gift of Salvation? (l) - Eternal life is God's gift, not something any of us deserve or can in any way earn. But does God set conditions for us to receive this gift? It's vitally important to your relationship with God and to your future that you understand!
  10. Man's Best Friend (l) - What qualities is God looking for in a friend?
  11. Mini Bible Study: How to Build a Close Relationship With God (l) - In previous studies we've covered many aspects of understanding God. This study is a step beyond, showing how to really know God through developing a close personal and intimate relationship with Him.
  12. Timely Lessons from the Life of Hezekiah (l) - God wants us to benefit from the examples He has recorded for us in the Bible. What can we learn from this king who lived so long ago?
  13. Introduction - Christ's Reign on Earth (l) - In the beginning of mankind's history our ancestors had a decision to make--a choice between God's way and their own way.
  14. The Delights of Obedience (l) - A joy and peace of mind come from making right choices, from knowing you are conscientiously obeying God's instruction in the pages of the Bible.
  15. "We shall be saved by His life" (l) - Paul's statement that "we shall be saved by His life" in Romans 5:10For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. is something we should understand.
  16. How Can We Obey God's Commandments? (l) - In peoples' minds, keeping God's commandments is an unattainable goal. But these commandments can be obeyed, at least in the outward letter of the law, by ordinary people.
  17. Jesus' Teaching on God's Law (l) - Perhaps the most widespread controversies about the teachings of Jesus concern His attitude toward the laws of God recorded in the Old Testament.
  18. Confusion Over Legalism: What It Is and Isn't (l) - The religious authorities who accused Jesus Christ of breaking the Sabbath have been described as having a legalistic approach. But what does the term "legalism" mean?
  19. Does God Set Conditions on His Gift of Eternal Life? (l) - Can we do things -- or not do things -- that will disqualify us from receiving the gift of eternal life?
  20. God Has Conditions for Answered Prayer (l) - It is only logical that God expects us to fulfill certain conditions if we want His help.
  21. Follow Me (1/2018) (l) - Recalling our journey through the garden settings of Scripture, do we deeply desire a close relationship with the Father and Christ now and forever?
  22. Does God Place Conditions on His Gift of Salvation? (l) - Eternal life is God's gift of grace, not something any of us deserve or can in any way earn.
  23. Are You a Friend of God? (l) - In the hours before His death by crucifixion, Jesus made a remarkable statement to His disciples: "No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends"
  24. Faith Puts the Law on "Firmer Footing" (l) - A comment by Paul that many lift out of context and misinterpret is Romans 3:28: "Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law."
  25. Unconditional Surrender (l) - Nearly 60 years ago World War II ended with unconditional surrender. But unconditional surrender is not just for the history books, as it plays a vital part in our relationship with our Savior and conquering King.
Obedience and prayer
  1. Proverbs: The Prayers of Those Who Obey (l) - Wisdom that sticks with you - straight from God's Word.
Obedience and understanding
  1. God's Time Machine (l) - During this age of science, many have dreamed of traveling to the past or to the future as in the famous novel The Time Machine. But could there exist a time machine we are not aware of? Read on to find out!
  2. Live What You Learn (l) - Some study the Bible and enjoy great spiritual growth and maturity. Others study it but grow little if at all. What makes the difference? How can you be one who grows in spiritual understanding? The key is to live what you learn!
Obedience to authority
  1. What Manner of Person Ought You to Be? (l) - Who we are is not always clear, even to ourselves. Who we want to be is often not clear either, but who we ought to be is another thing altogether.
Obedience to God
  1. When I Rule The World! (l) - Not observing popular holidays and keeping the Sabbath were awkward for me. When I was young, I talked big; later, a conversation with my parents helped me understand.
  2. More Than a Feeling (l) - Do you know what it means to demonstrate real love?
  3. The Church of God Today (l) - The church of God today keeps God's commandments and holds fast to all that Jesus taught.
  4. The Rise of a Counterfeit Christianity (l) - The apostles repeatedly warned Jesus' followers to beware of false teachers who would introduce counterfeit-Christian beliefs.
  5. Grace, Works and Obedience (l) - Some are confused because Jesus clearly expects us to produce fruit.
  6. Jesus and His Apostles Affirm the Need to Obey God's Commandments (l) - Jesus said, "if you want to enter life, obey the commandments".
  7. Examples of Living Faith (l) - When we learn how other people have succeeded, we are encouraged that we can triumph as well.
  8. Growing in Faith (l) - We must have faith to receive God's gift of salvation. In our faithless age (Luke 18:8), how can we develop living, active faith?
  9. The Coming "Abomination of Desolation" (l) - Tells of the signs to watch for, signs that indicate Christ's second coming to set up His Kingdom for us.
  10. The Gospel Jesus Taught (l) - The events at Christ's return and the establishment of the kingdom of God.
  11. God's Grace and Forgiveness (l) - Forgiveness carries with it obligations. It is not license to sin.
  12. What is Salvation? (l) - Millions of professing Christians believe they are "saved." But from what are they saved? How and when does salvation take place? Let's cut through the confusion and understand the truth.
  13. How Do We Know That We Love God? (l) - The Bible states over and over again exactly how we are to demonstrate our love to God. The simple answer may surprise you!
  14. What Does God Require for Eternal Life? (l) - God promises eternal life to all who believe in and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. But do we have any responsibility beyond believing?
Obedience, Christian
  1. The Rise of a Counterfeit Christianity (l) - The apostles repeatedly warned Jesus' followers to beware of false teachers who would introduce counterfeit-Christian beliefs.
  1. The Worldwide Crisis of Overweight and Obesity (l) - If you are not overweight, you may think you do not need this information. And, if you are even a little overweight, chances are this isn't a comforting subject to spend time reading about. Yet because the problem is so prevalent in our world, you need to be informed. It truly will have a bearing on your future, whatever nation you call home.
  2. In the News... Jan 1999 (l) - News items - Jan 2009.
  3. I Am the Biggest Loser, and You Can Be Too! (l) - I hope my story and the food tips included at the end will inspire and help you reach or maintain a healthy weight.
  4. In the News... July 2009 (l) - In the news - July 2009.
  5. Follow a Healthy - and Biblical - Diet (l) - The Bible is a reliable source to dietary information. God, the designer of our bodies, knows what we should eat.
  6. Fast-Food Fanciers (l) - If your food consumption includes large amounts of fast-food, you would be wise to cut back.
  7. World News Review Jul 2001 (l) - World news review. July 2001.
  8. Take Responsibility for Your Own Health--Nobody Else Will! (l) - Why do people get sick? Sickness is not a natural state-of-being. Learn how to protect your health by changing the way you think about food.
  9. You Can Have Healthy Children - Here's How (l) - What can we do to help our children adopt healthy habits as a way of life?
  10. A Deadly Epidemic (l) - Between 300,000 and 600,000 Americans will die this year, not from terrorist acts, but from a chronic disease growing so rapidly that it is now officially called an epidemic. You'll be shocked to find out what and how widespread it is.
Obesity and religion
  1. In the News Jul/Sep 2007 (l) - Items in the news. Jul/Sep 2007
Obey God
  1. Taking Instruction to Heart (l) - Sometimes taking instruction isn't as easy as it sounds.
Obeying God
  1. Is God's Grace an Unconditional Guarantee of Salvation? (l) - How can God love us unconditionally and then require conditions we must meet to have a relationship with Him?
  2. Your Down Payment on Divinity (l) - Two billion Christians desire to live forever, but do they really know how it will come about? God's divine secret includes a down payment on divinity, now no longer a secret.
  3. How to Make the World Great Again (l) - The world was once a paradise. But that paradise was dashed, and humanity has suffered ever since. Thankfully, God has a plan to make the world great again -- and you can have a part!
  4. The Delights of Obedience (l) - A joy and peace of mind come from making right choices, from knowing you are conscientiously obeying God's instruction in the pages of the Bible.
  5. Great Leaders Knew Their Source (l) - Where does great leadership come from, and where has it gone?
  6. Is Obeying God Worth It? (l) - Does it matter whether we take God and his instructions seriously?
  7. For Those Who Honor Me I Will Honor (l) - Have you ever become weary while doing good? Have you ever felt that your efforts are bringing no rewards? Take a look at what April did when such feelings threatened her.
  8. The Gift of Life (l) - God's aim is to release us from Satan's stranglehold. Through Christ, God would destroy the devil's power of death and release us. This is where the promised gift of power comes into play.
Obeying parents
  1. Honoring Your Parents: Why and How? (l) - No doubt you have heard of the commandment to "honor your father and your mother." But what does that really mean on a day-to-day basis? Why is it so important? How can we honor our parents in the world today?
Observance of the holydays
  1. Questions and Answers: How to Celebrate God's Holydays (l) - I have read your booklet God's Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind, plus other sources on the subject of the biblical Holy Days and festivals. But what I can't find is how to celebrate them.
Observing the holydays
  1. How Should We Observe God's Festivals? (l) - After we come to realize that the Holy Days are vitally important to mankind and eminently applicable to our modern world, we naturally want to learn more about how to observe them.
Obstacle course
  1. Mud Buddies (l) - Two friends, one tough race - crossing the finish line with priceless lessons learned.
Obstacles to teaching children
  1. Overcome Obstacles to Instruction (l) - God places a high priority on parents teaching their children. But we may find there are obstacles that hinder our intent to fulfill this duty.
  1. The Spirit World's Dangerous Dark Side (l) - Strange practices and religions such as Wicca, Santeria, voodoo and channeling are growing in popularity. What's behind them? Are such things harmless, or is there more to them than meets the eye?
  2. Do You Know the Real Secret? (l) - Could you be affected by a popular but deceptive New Age teaching? What's at the heart of The Secret and The Law of Attraction? Does the Bible offer any insight and guidance?
  3. Beware The Law of Attraction's False Premises and Twisted Logic (l) - The 10 occult teachings of the spirits promoted by the media and the authors of The Law of Attraction.
  4. Twilight on the Land (l) - I was 17 when I saw my first vampire film. I laughed till I cried. Today I am 57 and I do not laugh at images and stories of vampires. Today I shudder.
  5. God Called Me Out of the World (l) - We all must be on guard against the sinister influence that saturates this world.
  6. The Bible and Harry Potter (l) - Is the occult fantasy of Harry Potter just innocent fun?
  1. "As the Waters..." (l) - This evil age will be transformed to what God initially intended at Eden. The "knowledge of the Lord" will be made available to all and, for the first time, being accepted on a grand scale by the descendants of Adam and Eve.
  1. Appendix 10: The Family of Odin (l) - The various royal houses of English history--the Saxons, Danes, Normans, Tudors, Stuarts, Plantagenets, Hanoverians, Saxe-Coburgs, all lines blended and fused with Scottish royalty to form the modern House of Windsor--trace their bloodlines back to a common ancestor.
  1. Three of the First Horns Plucked Out by the Roots (l) - Who, then, are the three horns plucked up by the roots before the rise of the papacy?
  1. The Amazing Nose (l) - The human nose can identify many more odors than previously thought.
  1. When We Offend (l) - How willing are we to accept correction, in whatever form God may choose to send it?
  1. Easily Offended? Here's How to Get Over It (l) - Unfortunately, people sometimes say and do things that are careless, blunt, insensitive or even mean-spirited. While we can't control the intentions or behavior of others, we can determine how we will act. We can choose to not be offended.
Offending God
  1. Current Events & Trends: Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech (l) - The attacks in the French headquarters of satirical publication Charlie Hebdo dominated news around the world in a matter of moments.
  1. Are You Pulling Your Own Hair? (l) - Do we often overreact to situations without looking within? How can we better cope with offenses in life? Watching our newborn gave us food for thought about how adults react, and how we can better handle hurts and offense ourselves.
Offering our best
  1. A Right Example Heard Around the World (l) - Jesus Christ surprised His disciples -- and possibly many of us as well -- by praising a seemingly wasteful act. Why did He put such emphasis on it?
Ohio State
  1. Ohio State Knife Attack Proves ISIS Tactics Working (l) - Even if Iraqi forces and their supporters are able to push the Islamic State or ISIS out of its foothold in Iraq, prospects are not good for one of the most persecuted and brutalized groups fighting for liberation from ISIS -- Middle Eastern Christians
  1. When the Gas Pumps in Europe Run Dry (l) - Because of its dependence on imported energy, the EU is an economic giant standing on feet of clay.
  2. Retreat From Gaza (l) - Israel has completed its pullout from Gaza, a piece of territory it has controlled since 1967. Is this the start of a final road to peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis? Or will it be a futile gesture that leaves Israel vulnerable to further terrorist attacks?
  3. World News and Trends - Sep/Oct 2005 (l) - An overview of conditions around the world. Sept, 2005.
  4. How Serious a Threat Could Iran Pose? (l) - President Ahmadinejad has warned that the West would feel the consequences of pressing for sanctions against Iran much more than Iran would suffer. What could he have in mind? How could Iran strike at the West?
  5. A Page on the World: Secrets of the Kingdom (l) - Gerald Posner gives "the inside story of the Saudi-U.S. connection" (2005, ISBN 1-4000-6291-8).
  6. Venezuela - Six More Years of Chavez (l) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez won reelection Dec. 3 to another six-year term. Should the world take him seriously? Should the United States be concerned about his rhetoric? Yes!
  7. World News and Trends - September/October 2007 (l) - An overview of conditions around the world. Sept/Oct 2007
  8. Middle East Oil and the Clash of Two Civilizations (l) - The abundance of oil in the Middle East has aided and abetted the spread of Islam into the West and around the world.
  9. An Overview of Conditions Around the World - Jan/Feb 2002 (l) - An overview of world conditions. January/February 2002
  10. War on Terrorism Is Spiritual Warfare (l) - Al Qaeda terrorists labor to define the war on terrorism as the West vs. Islam-a definition that Western leaders throw off. Yet deeply entrenched religious issues are at the heart of the current war. And they are inflamed by a power greater than either the worldwide terrorist network or the combined military might of the United States, Britain, the rest of NATO and Russia.
Oil and Iran
  1. Is Iran the New Mideast Superpower? (l) - The Middle East is at the center of Bible prophecy. Iran looks set to become the new regional superpower as the United States and its allies withdraw from or sharply reduce their presence in the region. What are the consequences--especially for the Jewish nation of Israel?
Oil and the Middle East
  1. When Will the Middle East Find Peace (l) - Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,"urged Israel's King David 3,000 years ago."(Psalm 122:6)Seeking a peaceful solution to the Mideast problem is the concern, if not the prayer, of many world leaders. But peace in the Holy Land has,over the centuries,been in remarkablely short supply.
Oil and war
  1. When Will the Middle East Find Peace? (l) - Why does it seem that the Middle East is always in turmoil, perpetually on the brink of another war? Will this troubled region ever see lasting peace?
Oil as a weapon
  1. How High Could Gas Prices Rise? (l) - Nations can and do use oil as a weapon.
Oil prices
  1. World News and Trends - Nov/Dec 2004 (l) - An Overview of Conditions Around the World, Mov/Dec 2004
  2. The Global Economy and Russian Sanctions (l) - Since the Russian takeover of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, economic sanctions have been imposed on Russia as a punitive reprimand by the Western powers of the world. Immediately, in a seemingly juvenile reaction, Russia responded with counter-sanctions.
  3. When Is Enough...Enough? (l) - Continuing to ignore the fundamental laws of God creates a state of unrighteousness for which God will demand an accounting. God is a God of judgment. At some point He will say, "Enough is enough!"
  4. 2003: The Storm Clouds Gather (l) - What long-term effects will come from the unsettling events so far in 2003? No human being knows for sure. But we can observe, analyze and learn from the storm clouds gathering on the horizon.
Oil spill
  1. World News & Trends: July/August 2010 (l) - An overview of conditions around the world. July 2010
Oil supply
  1. Energy Costs, the Mideast and Illegals Are Americans' Biggest Concerns (l) - A recent poll on NBC's Meet the Press showed Americans are primarily concerned about the price of gas, Iran, illegal immigrants and Iraq. All four concerns are interconnected.
  2. Closing the Strait of Hormuz: A Serious Iranian Threat (l) - Tehran has coveted complete control over the narrow Strait of Hormuz -- only 24 miles wide at its narrowest point -- for many years. How important is this crucial Middle Eastern waterway?
Old age
  1. God's Blessing--Old Age (l) - God requires respect for those old in years among us. But these wise individuals can provide many blessings for others, if we will only listen to them and follow their experienced example.
  2. Appreciating the Aging Process (l) - There are challenges for an older person. But getting old isn't the end. It is, in fact, a new venture that only the elderly can appreciate.
Old and New Testaments
  1. God's Knowledge Revealed in Two Parts (l) - Does it make sense for the Christian world to view the Old Testament's contents as somehow inferior or conflicting with the New? Is it logical to disregard the history of God's revelation, His revealed way of life and the promises these Hebrew Scriptures contain?
  2. Keys to Unlocking Understanding of the Bible (l) - Here are some guidelines to serious study of God's word.
Old covenant
  1. A Covenant of Marriage (l) - Few people realize that the Old Covenant was essentially a marriage covenant. The New Covenant is, too.
  2. God's Magnificent Series of Covenants (l) - Special covenants made with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David began to reveal important details of God's plan to produce for Himself an enduring holy people. The promised New Covenant is the capstone of that revelation process.
  3. Key Elements of the Sinai Covenant (l) - The Sinai Covenant's total package of law, the entire five books written by Moses, was designed to cover in principle every major aspect of national life in ancient Israel.
  4. The Sinai Covenant and the 'Voice of the Lord' (l) - The Sinai Covenant was not limited just to the instructions given at Mt. Sinai. The Israelites' agreement to obey the voice of the Lord included obeying instructions given through Moses long after they left Mt. Sinai.
  5. Does the New Covenant Abolish the Commandments? (l) - The Bible tells us that Christ came as the Mediator of a better covenant. The popular belief that the New Covenant abolishes God's law reflects a misunderstanding of both covenants.
  6. What Was the Main Weakness of the Sinai Covenant? (l) - The primary weakness of the Sinai Covenant was not in its laws but in the people's lack of a willing heart to obey them.
  7. What Is a Biblical Covenant? (l) - Covenants are simply binding agreements between two or more parties. God Himself designed the covenant He made with Abraham and his descendants. When God makes a covenant, He will always perform what He has bound Himself to do.
  8. God's Knowledge Revealed in Two Parts (l) - Does it make sense for the Christian world to view the Old Testament's contents as somehow inferior or conflicting with the New? Is it logical to disregard the history of God's revelation, His revealed way of life and the promises these Hebrew Scriptures contain?
  9. God's Covenant with Ancient Israel (l) - God's plans to bring the people of Israel to full repentance and, working through them, invite all other people into a similar relationship with Him.
  10. God's Relationship with Ancient Israel (l) - God invited ancient Israel to form a relationship with Him. Although they rejected Him, God in His great mercy didn't reject them, nor does He reject us.
Old earth
  1. Creation Week: Light on Day 1 but the Sun on Day 4? (l) - Genesis 1 makes more sense when we realize that the earth and sun were both created at an earlier time, and that the earth later became a lifeless, ruined wasteland.
  2. In Defense of an Ancient Universe (l) - Why do we believe, contrary to young-earth creationism, that the heavens and the earth are significantly older than the 6,000-year history of man?
  3. How Old Is the Earth? (l) - If you've explored this question, you've probably encountered conflicting messages—even among those who believe in the Creator. What does the Bible indicate?
Old people
  1. Positives for Older People, Part 1 (l) - When the United Nation's General Assembly designated 1999 as the International Year of Older Persons, it was long overdue.
Old Testament
  1. Questions and Answers - Sep/Oct 2004 (l) - A question from a Good News magazine reader: Why observe the holydays in the New Testament?
  2. The Word of God (l) - The Old and New Testament are unified in revealing God's plan of salvation and the working out of that plan in human history.
  3. God's Knowledge Revealed in Two Parts (l) - Does it make sense for the Christian world to view the Old Testament's contents as somehow inferior or conflicting with the New? Is it logical to disregard the history of God's revelation, His revealed way of life and the promises these Hebrew Scriptures contain?
  4. The Old Testament in the New Testament (l) - Do Christians use a book, more than half of which is irrelevent and obsolete? Did God provide humanity with two sets of inspired writings the Old Testament and the New?
  5. Reexamining the Roots of Christianity (l) - Was the early church far more Jewish than has been taught?
Old testament God
  1. "That Rock Was Christ" (l) - The apostle Paul wrote of a "spiritual Rock" with the ancient Israelites in their wilderness wandering, stating, "And that Rock was Christ." What did he mean by this puzzling statement?
Old Testament in the New
  1. The Apostles, the Old Testament and God's Law (l) - It is crucial to set the record straight on what Christ's apostles really taught concerning the laws given to define righteousness found in the Old Testament.
  2. Paul Regularly Used the Old Testament as the Authority for His Teaching (l) - Paul quotes from 183 Old Testament passages.
Old Testament Religion
  1. Giving An Answer (l) - Giving an answer about how and why I observe the Holydays of God.
Old Testament to New Testament transition
  1. The Transition from the Prophets to the Gospels (l) - The prophets and the New Testament join seamlessly to provide God's complete revelation to mankind. Even though the period between the testaments was more than 400 years, the prophets precede the apostolic writings in a manner that emphasizes their basic unity.
Old testament, canonization of the
  1. How Did We Get the Bible? (l) - How was the Bible actually put together? How do we know that the Bible contains the books that it should have? These are important questions, and many books have been written to address them.
Old Testament, preservation of the
  1. Has the Bible Been Preserved Accurately? (l) - Some Bible critics argue that we should disregard the Bible because it's impossible that our modern versions could match the original texts. But how does this argument stand up to scrutiny?
Old Testament, translation of the
  1. William Tyndale: He Gave His Life to Give Us the Bible (l) - "William Tyndale's Bible translations have been the best-kept secrets in English Bible history. Many people have never heard of Tyndale; very few have (knowingly) read him. Yet no other Englishman -- not even Shakespeare -- has reached so many."
  2. Tyndale as Translator (l) - William Tyndale's competence in Greek may well be due to William Croke's lectures. Tyndale perhaps learned Hebrew in Worms, the main center of Jewish learning in Germany.
Old Testatment
  1. Foundations (l) - Each of us is designed to build on something that will last for eternity.
Older people, advice from
  1. A Forgotten Treasure (l) - Many young people don't realize the value of talking with older people. Consider what this man discovered. Perhaps you can recognize this treasure before you grow old.
Olivet prophecy
  1. Why Understanding World News Is So Important! (l) - Never before have we had such a dire need to truly grasp the meaning of today's world events--at the very time when normal news outlets are in obvious decline. In this connection the Bible itself explains how we can face both present and future happenings with much greater confidence.
  2. 'When You See These Things, Know That It Is Near...' (l) - Jesus Christ instructed His followers to watch for a sequence of trends and events that would culminate in His second coming at the end of the present age. Are you attentive to the signs of the times?
  3. The Man Who Saw It All in Advance (l) - The greatest news forecaster in all of history walked on this earth about 2,000 years ago. What do His insightful prophecies tell us about future world conditions?
  4. Jesus' Warning to "Watch" - Just What Did He Mean? (l) - Jesus and the apostles exhort us to actively "watch"! We need to understand all that they meant and the wide-ranging implications. Our survival and salvation could depend on that understanding and action!
  5. Duality in Bible Prophecy(2) (l) - Prophetic statements sometimes apply to more than one fulfillment, a principle called duality. A prime example of duality is Christ's first coming to atone for our sins and His second coming to rule on earth as King of Kings.
  6. Do Not be Deceived (l) - Many have missed the first warning sign Jesus Christ gave in the Olivet Prophecy. They have fallen prey to religious deception!
  7. Understanding the Return of Christ (l) - People say Jesus will come again, but will He really? How can we know for sure? What does the Bible say conditions will be like when He comes?
Ollam Fodhla
  1. Ollam Fodhla and Company (l) - Ollam Fodhla's laws bear striking similarity to the Ten Commandments and other Hebrew statutes.
  2. Questions Over Who's Who (l) - Yet it must be admitted that none of this is certain. Indeed, even though there appear to be many more similarities between Jeremiah and Ollam Fodhla, Ollam appears in the Irish king lists as a king and sometimes as one who reigned centuries before Jeremiah.
  3. Sorting Out Identities (l) - If Ollam Fodhla was indeed Jeremiah, his identification as a king is fairly easy to reconcile. It could have resulted from his appearing to be the father or grandfather of the eastern princess he brought with him--or, even more likely, confusion over his being a great lawgiver.
  1. Courageous Olympic Moments-and the Race We Run (l) - The world's greatest athletes pit their skill and strength against others in the Olympic Games. Past Olympics inspire us with stories of great conviction and courage. These games should also inspire us with their reminders of crucial aspects of the Christian life.
  2. Planning for Life: Two Crucial Keys for Success (l) - What steps can you take to make your life a success? How do you begin?
  3. The Hope of Glory (l) - The Olympic Games represent a striving for excellence in athletic achievement. Paul used them to illustrate another great contest.
  4. The Olympic Ideal (l) - Sports seem to bring out the highest aspirations and the worst attitudes. Many of its lessons apply equally well to other aspects of life.
Omaha Beach
  1. Pilgrimage to Normandy (l) - The futility of war is brought home all the more vividly on the fields of sacrifice.
Ominous signs
  1. A World in Perpetual Crisis (l) - A world in perpetual crisis.
  1. The Early Kings of Israel - A Kingdom Divided (l) - This series in The Good News will continue covering archaeological discoveries relating to the later kings of the house of Israel. It is astonishing how much evidence supporting the biblical record has been uncovered by the spade of diligent archaeologists.
On guard
  1. Never Let Your Guard Down! (l) - Just as complacency can mean death to the man who hunts the giant Kodiak bear, it can bring on spiritual death to the Christian. Learn the importance of fighting complacency from hearing the true story of Allen Hasselborg.
  2. Titanic: A Lesson For Today (l) - From the publisher: the Titanic is a lesson to be on gurard.
Once saved
  1. Can Those God Has Forgiven Reject His Grace? (l) - Some people believe that when a person commits his or her life to Jesus Christ, accepting Him as personal Savior, then eternal salvation is totally assured from that moment on, with absolutely no possibility of ever losing it. This is often referred to as "eternal security" or "once saved, always saved." But does the Bible really teach this? Let's examine the Scriptures to understand the truth.
One foot
  1. One Foot at a Time (l) - Tom Whittaker's example of climbing Everest with one foot.
One God
  1. "The Lord Our God, the Lord Is One" (l) - "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!" This simple declaration by Moses in Deuteronomy 6:4, beginning what is now commonly referred to as the Shema (pronounced sh'MAH, Hebrew for "Hear"), has caused considerable consternation to many who try to understand who and what God is.
  2. How Is God One? (l) - There is only one God, just as there is only one human race -- one extended family descended from Adam of presently about six billion individuals. Just the same, the one divine family -- the family of God -- is open to an unlimited number of members.
  3. The God Family (booklet2) (l) - The human family was meant as a lesser model or type of this greater spiritual reality, that God is a family.
  4. The 2020s Are Here (l) - Entering the 2020s, the world continues to spiral out of control, and many wonder if we will ever see lasting peace. A lecture two decades ago from a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a conversation with him after pointed out some of what's needed. We must all do our part -- but human effort alone is not enough. Thankfully, rescue will come!
One track mind
  1. Porn Causes Brain Damage (l) - In today's culture, porn is not going away. You can avoid the damage this sin causes.
One-world government
  1. Brexit From Babylon (l) - A recent European news analyst commented that both of the principal Anglo-Saxon countries -- the United Kingdom and the United States of America -- are in a state of chaos. Where will it lead? he asked. It's a good question as we turn the page to 2020.
  1. Peeling Back the Layers (l) - Sometimes we see God in very small things that make large impressions.
Online education
  1. In the News... July 2009 (l) - In the news - July 2009.
  1. When the Gas Pumps in Europe Run Dry (l) - Because of its dependence on imported energy, the EU is an economic giant standing on feet of clay.
  2. A Page on the World: Secrets of the Kingdom (l) - Gerald Posner gives "the inside story of the Saudi-U.S. connection" (2005, ISBN 1-4000-6291-8).
Open minded
  1. Don't Stand on Your Head! (l) - A recent cellular phone commercial shows a man hanging upside down. This metaphor of our modern world goes all the way back to the first century, when the apostle Paul showed that the truth could turn things around.
Open theism
  1. Only God Knows What He Knows (l) - The traditional concept of God is rooted in Greek philosophy and conflicts with the Bible. We can relate to God in human terms because that's how He describes Himself to us in the Bible.
Opening heart
  1. A Dinner Invitation (l) - What goes through your mind as you prepare for a dinner guest?
  1. Editorial: Opinion vs. Fact (l) - Some think skimpy, revealing clothing is sexy and fun. Others say such dress is immodest. Is it really just a matter of opinion?
  2. Absolute Truth: A Matter of Opinion? (l) - As a college student, I found that my core beliefs were seriously challenged. How would you respond to the question of whether there is absolute truth or not?
Opportunities to volunteer
  1. God Values Everyone -- Do We? (l) - Why not look around for a way to help those in need? Many foundations and non-profit organizations that serve people with disabilities would be happy to hear from you. Special Olympics is a wonderful organization that is always appreciative to have volunteers for activities and track meets.
  1. Our Window of Opportunity (l) - In our information age we sadly lack the most vital information of all, the knowledge of God. He wants to reveal it to us, but we must be willing to accept it and do some digging ourselves.
  2. Introduction: Managing Your Finances (l) - Whether due to the overall state of the economy or their own mistakes with money, many find themselves mired in debt and worried about their financial future. Where can you turn for practical guidelines to manage your money?
  3. Hope for Unbelieving Loved Ones (l) - What does one say at the funeral of an atheist especially when that atheist is one's own father?
  4. If I Knew Then What I Know Now (l) - God provides an opportunity for a new beginning - not just once, but countless times after that initial start.
Opposite sex
  1. (l) - In this issue of Youth United, we share with you some of the biblical keys for future happiness with a member of the opposite sex.
Opposite sex friendship
  1. Getting to Know Guys (l) - Take time for friendship before committing to a relationship.
Opposite sex relationships
  1. Treating People (Including the Opposite Sex) With Respect (l) - Since no one is exactly alike, how can we get along with others? How can we deal with the differences between us?
  1. Catch the Disease of Optimism (l) - Why are some people overwhelmed by their problems, while others are simply challenged by them? Why do some draw back, give up and quit when facing obstacles, trials and difficulties while others with similar backgrounds, facing the same troubles, bounce back and keep working toward success? It all boils down to your frame of mind. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
  2. The Bible's Keys to Mental Health (l) - Why are mental problems and disabilities on the rise? Could it be that we overlook the Bible's keys to healthy, positive thinking?
  1. The State of Israel: Small but Significant (l) - Israel's significance despite its small size.
  2. Glossary (bsc1) (l) - Glossary of some Biblical terms.
Orange revolution
  1. People in the Streets (l) - The quest for freedom; Common people, rising against tyranny and unjust government. It is a picture of people yearning for freedom to live and to love in peace and dignity, without another human depriving them that privilege
  1. Peace and Unity in Christ (l) - All man-made barriers must be "broken down" before mankind can enjoy the peace and unity for which Christ died.
  1. Troubling Times for Three British Institutions! (l) - To comprehend the significance of what is now happening to Britain and why, you need to understand the intriguing history of the grand old British race.
Organ donor
  1. Spiritual Lessons From My Double Lung Transplant (l) - My life was saved by a double lung transplant. This life-changing event led me to a much deeper understanding of Christ's sacrifice and God's plan for me and all mankind.
Organization of African Unity
  1. New African Union Founded to Copy EU Success (l) - Formation of the Organization of African Unity
Organized church
  1. The Church Behind This Publication (l) - The New Testament Church belongs to our heavenly Father and to His Son, Jesus Christ. Together they inspired the New Testament writers to refer to the Church with a name most English translations render as the "Church of God," which means it is a spiritual organism that belongs to God.
Oriental meditation
  1. Misguided and Mystical Meditation (l) - Oriental meditation in general is an attempt to empty the mind, while Christian meditation fills the mind.
  1. The Greek Concept of Creation (l) - Origen and Augustine began to interpret much of the book of Genesis as allegory. They viewed the Genesis account as filled with symbolic fictional figures representing truth, human conduct or experience.
  2. Greek Philosophy's Influence on the Trinity Doctrine (l) - Many historians and religious scholars, some quoted in this publication, attest to the influence of Greek or Platonic philosophy in the development and acceptance of the Trinity doctrine in the fourth century. But what did such philosophy entail, and how did it come to affect the doctrine of the Trinity?
  3. The History of the Immortal-Soul Teaching (l) - Secular history reveals that the concept of the immortality of the soul is an ancient belief embraced by many pagan religions. But it is not a biblical or apostolic teaching.
  4. (l) - What does the Bible really say about the millennium, the prophisied 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ? Is it a fantasy or a promise on which you can stake your future?
Origin of angels
  1. The Origin of the Spirit Realm (l) - Where did angels come from? How long have these spirit beings existed? Do they have freedom of choice? Let's look in the Bible to discover the answers.
Origin of Celts
  1. The Label Celt and Celtic Society (l) - Some scholars conclude the word keltoi, or Celt, is an appropriate label for people who kept much about their past and traditions hidden.
Origin of information
  1. Professor Werner Gitt's conclusions from the information found in DNA (l) - In his book In the Beginning Was Information, Dr. Werner Gitt, an expert in information systems, deduces certain conclusions from the information found in DNA. Here is a summary.
Origin of life
  1. 10 Ways Darwin Got It Wrong (l) - This year marks the bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birthday and, coincidentally, 150 years since the publication of his book On the Origin of Species. One of the most influential books in modern history, it has helped shape philosophy, biology, sociology and religion in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. But both Darwin's theory and his book are doomed by major flaws.
  2. Creation or Evolution: Which Is More Believable? (l) - The theory of evolution is being loudly trumpeted in this 200th anniversary year of Charles Darwin's birth and 150th anniversary of the publication of his On the Origin of Species. But have you read in detail what our Creator has to say about how mankind and the heavens and the earth came into being? Have you considered this crucial testimony?
Origin of Sabbath
  1. The Sabbath: In the Beginning (l) - The Sabbath commandment had an important spiritual purpose. It pointed God's people to God as their Creator. It was a required weekly remembrance that there is a higher power and authority at work in our lives and the lives of all humanity.
Origin of Satan
  1. An Evil Spirit World (l) - What's the source of so much sorrow and suffering in our world? God's Word reveals surprising details about a spiritual dimension -- the angelic world -- and an evil being and his cohorts who are the enemies of God and those who follow His ways.
Origin of species
  1. The Variation of Species (l) - If you were to write a book, would you purposefully pick a title that doesn't truly deal with the subject matter? It sounds ridiculous, but that's what Charles Darwin did.
  2. Darwin's The Origin Variation of Species (l) - If you were to write a book, would you purposefully pick a title that doesn't truly deal with the subject matter? It sounds ridiculous, but that's what Charles Darwin did.
Origin of Thanksgiving
  1. Is Thanksgiving Rooted in a Biblical Festival? (l) - Historians and Jewish sources point out that America's Thanksgiving holiday may not have been a totally new celebration-but that its roots may go back thousands of years to the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.
  1. Asking the Crucial Questions (l) - Evidence of God's existence is available. Let's look at some of the evidence, asking and answering questions so basic to our search for meaning and purpose.
Origins of Christmas
  1. 4,000 Years of Christmas (l) - 'Tis the season for mistletoe and decorating the tree. But the origins of Christmas may surprise you. Did you know one of the American colonies outlawed observance of this holiday in 1659 ?
Orlando shooting
  1. Muslim Terrorist Carries out Most Deadly Shooting in U.S. history (l) - In the wake of the June 12 terrorist attack at an Orlando gay night club, we need to consider what's happened. Many call it "senseless violence," yet there is in fact a sense to it that is quite disturbing -- as is the failure of many to admit that.
Orphaned experience
  1. The Suitcase (l) - I was 4 when I had to leave my home with a suitcase packed with all my possessions. Throughout the painful journey, someone was there to help me through.
  1. Our Wounded Children: Who Will Make It Right? (l) - Many children today are in constant danger due to neglect, warfare, disease and starvation. So many have little regard for the most vulnerable among us. But there is hope for the future in the sure promises of God.
  2. Could God Be Calling You to Board the Spiritual Orphan Train? (l) - Charles Brace's Orphan Train program helped thousands of neglected children begin new lives in stable, loving families. Similarly, God may be inviting you into His Church to escape the spiritual futility of this world and prepare for a magnificent future!
  3. Reflections on Loneliness (l) - You can be lonely even in a crowd, but God offers hope for the lonely -- now and for eternity.
  4. "A Father to the Fatherless (l) - I want to share with you a remarkable example of a man now dead, whose memory lives in the heart of the fatherless, and whose legacy can be a tool for understanding our role in future events.
Orwell, George
  1. (l) - The behavioral changes in Britain within one century are truly astonishing.
Osama bin Laden
  1. Behind the Headlines ... America vs. Iraq or America vs. the World? (l) - One year after Sept. 11, in the debate on terrorism, America is often seen as the villain, no longer as the victim. Why do so many people around the world hate America?
  2. Abomination of Desolation (l) - "Therefore when you see the 'abomination of desolation,' spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (whoever reads, let him understand)."
  3. World News Review September/October 1998 (l) - World news - Sept/Oct 1998
  4. World News Review Feb 2002 (l) - World news review. February 2002.
  5. Bin Laden's Letter Offers Insight Into Islamic Fundamentalism (l) - Osama bin Laden's "Letter to America" emphasizes the role religion plays in the growing conflict between Islam and Western secularism.
  6. World News Review May 1999 (l) - World news - May 1999
  7. World News Review September/October 1999 (l) - World news - Sep/Oct 1999
  8. World News Review March 1999 (l) - World news - March 1999
  9. Seeing the World Scene Realistically (l) - The historic continuum and religious war between militant Islam and secularism.
  1. Pre-Christian Belief of an Afterlife in Heaven (l) - Contrary to what many think, God does not promise us we will go to heaven when we die. Instead, Jesus says those who overcome will reign with Him in the coming Kingdom of God to be established on earth at His return (Revelation 3:21; 5:10; 11:15).
  2. Ancient Pagan Belief in Heaven (l) - Pre-Christian belief concerning heaven.
  1. Stone Chest From the Time of Christ Authenticated (l) - Researchers at Bar-Ilan and Tel Aviv universities have authenticated an ossuary chest belonging to a daughter of the Caiaphas family, hereditary high priests in Jerusalem during the time of Christ.
  2. Ossuary Verdict: Experts Testify to its Authenticity (l) - Almost 10 years have passed since the world of archaeology was stunned by the announcement of the discovery in Israel of a limestone burial box for bones inscribed in Aramaic with the words "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus."
  3. Surprising Archaeological Find: Proof of Jesus' Existence? (l) - Have scholars found firm evidence of the existence of Jesus Christ, His earthly father and one of His half brothers? An intriguing find bears their names.
Others' sins
  1. What Should I Do When Others Sin? (l) - Someone is doing wrong and you feel like you should do something to correct the situation, but what? Is it our place to do anything at all?
Otto the Great
  1. Europe and the Church, Part 8...Otto the Great, Founder of the First Reich (l) - Almost everybody is aware of the Third Reich, which was meant to last a thousand years, but few today know much about the First Reich, which actually did. Although its origins go back to Charlemagne, the 10th century German Emperor Otto I was instrumental in founding the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.
  1. Europe and the Church, Part 9: Charles V's Empire Upon Which the Sun Never Set (l) - The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was the most famous Habsburg in history, presiding over an empire that stretched from the Philippines to Peru and was the greatest in Europe. During his reign he was confronted with major challenges, including the Protestant Reformation. His reign constituted the fourth of the seven prophesied resurrections of the Roman Empire, which will see its final resurrection just before the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings.
Ottoman Empire
  1. Turkey, a U.S. Ally, Threatens to Widen War in Iraq (l) - Kurdish rebels, seeking an autonomous Kurdistan, have been attacking Turkish troops from the sanctuary of northern Iraq. Turkey now threatens to send troops into the most peaceful region of Iraq. Complicating the problem was an attempt in the U.S. Congress to condemn Turkey for a massacre that took place almost a century ago.
  2. The Middle East: Ground Zero of Bible Prophecy (l) - Only a century ago the Middle East was a relatively peaceful and tranquil area. Today it's the most volatile region of the world, with the possibility of war breaking out at any minute. You need to understand why this change happened, where Bible prophecy indicates things are headed and what it means for you!
  3. The Middle East: Focus of End-Time Prophecy (l) - We often see the Middle East catapulted to the forefront of news programs around the world. Even faraway nations are deeply affected by what happens in this volatile region. You need to understand what has been prophesied to occur there and why.
  4. 100 Years After World War I: What Have We Learned? (l) - An event that began 100 years ago this August might as well be ancient and irrelevant history for most. Yet World War I changed the world and set off a chain of events that continue to impact your life today. Don't underestimate what one man and one event can do to alter everything.
  5. The Coming of Islam (l) - The descendants of Ishmael lived in relative obscurity throughout ancient history. This was to change dramatically with the prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded, Islam.
  6. Introduction: Worlds in Turmoil (l) - After 1,900 years, the restoration of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East was necessary to fulfill ancient prophecies you can find in the Bible. This region, once a "political backwater" of little or no interest to the Western powers, is destined to become the center of the final global crisis that will usher in cataclysmic events leading humanity to the brink of extinction -- and ultimately change our world forever.
  7. A 20th Century Retrospective:The Shot Still Reverberating Around the World (l) - With this issue we begin a new series covering important events and trends of the last century which have shaped our new century. First, what was the most significant event of the past 100 years?
  1. Will the World See a New Caliphate? (l) - What can we expect will happen as Islamists take charge in the nations of the Arab uprisings? Turkey and other experiments in Muslim democracy give us some precedent. And on the horizon, the Islamist dream looms -- a restored empire of Islam. What does this mean for the future of the Middle East and the world?
  1. The Spirit World's Dangerous Dark Side (l) - Strange practices and religions such as Wicca, Santeria, voodoo and channeling are growing in popularity. What's behind them? Are such things harmless, or is there more to them than meets the eye?
  2. The Spirit World's Dangerous Dark Side (l) - Strange practices and religions such as Wicca, Santeria, voodoo and channeling are growing in popularity. What's behind them? Are such things harmless, or is there more to them than meets the eye?
Our high priest
  1. "We shall be saved by His life" (l) - Paul's statement that "we shall be saved by His life" in Romans 5:10For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. is something we should understand.
Out of the world
  1. The Train Ride (l) - We're all passengers on a metaphorical express train. Why are so few concerned about the destination?
  1. A Dinner Invitation (l) - What goes through your mind as you prepare for a dinner guest?
Outer space
  1. Man's Search for Meaning in the Universe (l) - Humankind seems to be "wired" to want to explore, to learn, to reach out, to understand why we are here and where we are headed.
Outline Revelation
  1. Graphic: Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation (l) - View the chapter outline of the book of Revelation.
Outside the rules
  1. Fatal Error (l) - Real repentance can be a daunting task. But the weight that's lifted off you is well worth the effort
Outsourcing jobs
  1. China: The Lotus Flower Is Blossoming Again (l) - China only occasionally appears in the daily news in the United States, but it actually deserves much more attention. The road ahead is a rocky one, but leading inexorably toward colossal power.
  1. Overcoming Adversity Requires Perseverance (l) - While mustering human perseverance can pay off, most people are still not as successful as they could be because they fail to utilize one additional critical key in becoming a successful overcomer. Do you have what it takes?
  2. The Greatest Addiction of All (l) - Most people know about common addictions to drugs and alcohol. These are difficult enough to face and manage. But the one addiction that is greater than all others is unrecognized by most people. Thankfully, it can be overcome.
  3. Learning How to Bounce Back (l) - These three steps can help you defeat life's challenges and tap into the power of resilience.
  4. The Blame Game We All Play (l) - When we get into trouble in our lives, whom do we blame and should we blame at all?
  5. One Foot at a Time (l) - Tom Whittaker's example of climbing Everest with one foot.
Overcoming evil
  1. Seizing a Beachhead for the Kingdom (l) - Seizing and maintaining a beachhead for God's Kingdom is a calling and work still in motion.
Overcoming fear
  1. Resisting the Roaring Lion (l) - Fear -- that raw emotion of dread, terror, fright or panic -- can be pervasive. If uncontrolled, fear can drown out reason, facts and faith. Can it be defeated?
Overcoming pornography
  1. 3 Bible Tips on Avoiding Pornography and Lust (l) - Follow these suggestions to help overcome a sexual addiction.
  2. Pornography Addiction - It's a Problem... (l) - You can also make the choice to overcome. God wants you to break free from porn addiction.
Overcoming Satan
  1. Christian Warfare (l) - The Bible describes Christians as soldiers. Like any other soldier, they must learn to survive the inevitable battle to fight another day. What are the weapons of a Christian soldier, and how does a soldier for Christ define victory?
Overcoming self
  1. Christian Warfare (l) - The Bible describes Christians as soldiers. Like any other soldier, they must learn to survive the inevitable battle to fight another day. What are the weapons of a Christian soldier, and how does a soldier for Christ define victory?
Overcoming weaknesses
  1. Winning With Your Strengths (l) - If you're unhappy in your job, should you change your job? Should you find a career that matches your ablilties and interests? Here's how concentrating on your talents can help you find happiness and success.
  1. Prepare Yourself: Icebergs Ahead (l) - Like the Titanic, we must navigate dangerous waters. But God shows how we can make it through safely.
  1. Thoughts From Dad (l) - Three letters of wisdom from a pastor to his three children about using your talents, honoring your parents and overlooking the mistakes of others.
  1. In Brief: Trends That Affect Your Life (l) - Trends in the news. Nov 2010.
  1. Easily Offended? Here's How to Get Over It (l) - Unfortunately, people sometimes say and do things that are careless, blunt, insensitive or even mean-spirited. While we can't control the intentions or behavior of others, we can determine how we will act. We can choose to not be offended.
Overthrow communism
  1. Man of the Century: The Life and Times of Pope John Paul II (l) - Review of: Man of the Century: The Life and Times of Pope John Paul II by Jonathan Kwitney
Overview of life
  1. Vantage Point: Over the Cliff (l) - Vertical Thought can help you maintain an overview of life.
  1. World News and Trends - Jul/Aug 2005 (l) - An overview of conditions around the world. July 2005
  1. Wagon of Rocks (l) - Years ago Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong admonished us to simplify our lives. I think most of us are still working on this, trying to find our rhythm.
  2. Steps in Dealing With Grief (l) - Steps in dealing with grief.
  3. Biblical Solutions to Anxiety (l) - What the Bible says about worry and anxiety.
  4. The Godly Gift of "Forever Eyes" (l) - "Forever eyes" see the vision that Paul so vividly describes -- the Kingdom of God.
  5. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (l) - When the storms and problems of life seem overwhelming, where can we turn for hope and encouragement?
  6. Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? (l) - Do too many problems stare you in the face? Do you find yourself with too much to do and not enough time and energy to do it? There are ways out of the dilemma.
  1. Meeting Needs Beyond Our Own (l) - The Bible shows that money and wealth can be used for either good or bad. In that light, it's important that we understand what God says about how we are to use money. What does the Bible tell us regarding our financial priorities?
  1. Oyster Filter (l) - A living purification project is planting new beds of oysters in New York Harbor in order to filter and clean pollution in the busy waters of the city.

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