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  1. Does God Set Conditions on His Gift of Eternal Life? (l) - Can we do things -- or not do things -- that will disqualify us from receiving the gift of eternal life?
Qualities of old age
  1. God's Blessing--Old Age (l) - God requires respect for those old in years among us. But these wise individuals can provide many blessings for others, if we will only listen to them and follow their experienced example.
Quality of life
  1. Does Life Have Greater Meaning and Purpose? (l) - Most people don't have the understanding that God is involved with mankind and that He has a plan for us. To be at peace, human beings must realize what God has in mind for them.
Quality time
  1. Overscheduled Families (l) - Many parents worry their children will be left behind if they aren't signed up for lots of activities. But are the benefits of such a hurried lifestyle really worth the time stress?
  2. Child Rearing: Building the Right Foundation (l) - Our attitude toward our children is perhaps the single most important consideration in proper child rearing. Do we really love our children? Do our words and actions show our children we love them? Will we, and do we, sacrifice for them? Do we make time to show we care for them?
  3. Creating Quality Time (l) - To increase the opportunities for quality communication -- the kind where a parent and child can truly share heartfelt emotions and concerns in a trusting relationship -- consider the ideas in this article.
  1. How the Bible Applies to Science (l) - Are science and the Bible incompatible? Or do they stand together on common ground? We consider some examples.
  2. The Odor of Disease (l) - Immune response in the human body during illness can create an identifiable smell.
  3. Ebola: A Foretaste of Prophesied Epidemics to Come? (l) - In the advanced countries of the Western world, we assume deadly epidemics to be a scourge of the distant past. But the recent Ebola outbreak is forcing us to rethink that assumption.
  1. What Does Easter Really Commemorate? (l) - You might be surprised! Discover the truth of the surprising story behind one of the world's most popular religious holidays.
  2. How Easter replaced the biblical Passover (l) - Why did Easter replace the Passover?
  1. Something Better Than Easter (l) - Exactly how did Easter - a holiday not found in the Bible and never celebrated in the early Church - come to replace the Passover, an observance that is plainly found in the Bible?
  1. World News Review December 1998 (l) - World News Review - Dec. 1998
Queen Elizabeth
  1. Two Elizabeths -- A Study in Contrasts (l) - How times have changed! Queen Elizabeth I reigned over one of Britain's greatest periods of growth and increasing power. The reign of Queen Elizabeth II has seen the disintegration of the British Empire and the considerable decline of Britain as a military power. Why?
  2. The Queen Shows Importance of the Monarchy in History of English-Speaking World (l) - The movie, The Queen, concentrates on the events surrounding the death of Princess Diana, a week of severe trial for the British monarchy.
  3. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - A Look Back at 60 Years (l) - As Britain and the Commonwealth celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the festivities overshadow the dramatic changes that have taken place during the last 60 years.
  4. Point of Wisdom: Royal Virtues (l) - She was just a young adult, but a dedication to serve helped her rule. It can help us too!
  5. She Used to Be Our Queen, Too... (l) - When Elizabeth II ascended the throne 50 years ago in 1952, Britian's African possessions were larger than the entire United States of America.
  6. Fifty Years of the African Queen (l) - Britain's Queen Elizabeth will celebrate 50 years on the throne this year. Few could have imagined the astounding changes in the nations of the British Commonwealth-particularly those in Africa-during her lifetime.
Queen mother
  1. The Queen Mother, the Mideast and the War on Terror (l) - These news items may not seem to fit together; but by reflecting on the life and death of Queen Elizabeth's beloved mother, we can see important interconnections.
  2. A Century of Service From the Last Empress (l) - We can learn a lesson in leadership from a beloved lady -- Britain's queen mother.
  3. A Lesson in Leadership From a Much-Loved Lady (l) - Important qualities of good leaders are exemplified by Britain's queen mother.
Queen of Sheba
  1. With Justice for All (l) - During the golden age under David and Solomon, Israel's efforts to promote fairness and justice for its citizens rivaled modern efforts toward these noble ideals.
  1. The Probing of the Master Prober (l) - When the other disciples told Thomas they'd seen Jesus, Thomas would not believe. Then Jesus appeared with an invitation. What does this mean for us?
Questioning authority
  1. Question Whose Authority? (l) - Questioning authority has been a human activity for a long time. But have you ever wondered just whose authority should be questioned?
  1. Are you just an occasional heavy drinker, or on the way to serious health issues? (l) - Take this short questionnaire to help find out.
  1. Questions and Answers - Sep/Oct 2004 (l) - A question from a Good News magazine reader: Why observe the holydays in the New Testament?
  2. Technical Support for Your Mind and Soul (l) - What if you could get personal support for the most important questions? Questions about life and its meaning.
  3. (l) - The following questions and answers represent issues of interest to young people who want sound biblical advice.
Questions and answers
  1. Questions and Answers - Jan/Feb 2005 (l) - Answers to readers' questions; Jan/Feb 2005
  2. Questions and Answers - May/Jun 2005 (l) - Answers to readers' questions. May/June 2005.
  3. Question and Answers - Jul/Aug 2005 (l) - Answers to readers' questions. Good News July 2005
  4. Questions and Answers - Jul/Aug 2006 (l) - Answers to readers' questions. Jul/Aug 2006
  5. (l) - The following questions and answers represent issues of interest to young people who want sound biblical advice.
  6. Questions and Answers - Jul/Aug 2008 (l) - Questions from readers of the Good News. July/Aug 2008
  7. Questions & Answers (l) - Questions from readers of Beyond Today magazine. January/February 2019.
  1. Questions and Answers - Sep/Oct 2005 (l) - Questions and answers from readers of the Good News magazine; Sept 2005
  1. Like a Dove (l) - What do doves and Christians have in common?
Quiet parties
  1. In the News Oct/Dec 2005 (l) - News stories from late summer, 2005.
  1. Against All Odds (l) - What's holding you back from achieving your dreams? What overwhelming obstacles do you face? These stories of drive and perseverance can inspire us to go on in spite of the odds.
Quotations from the Koran
  1. Does the Koran Promote Peace and Cooperation? (l) - Although many try to explain away much of the militant teaching of the Koran, a straightforward interpretation of the following sampling of verses plainly demonstrates Islam's views toward non-Muslims, including authorizing jihad - holy wars - against them.
  1. The Koran vs. The Bible (l) - The messages that became the Koran, or Quran, make up a volume about four-fifths the size of the New Testament.
  2. Confusion Over What the Quran Teaches - Peace or War? (l) - Those who state that Islam is a peaceful religion usually point to several verses in the Quran to support their view.
Qutb, Sayyid
  1. A Closer Look at the Muslim Brotherhood (l) - It's important to pay attention to the organization that has made the most significant gains through the Arab uprisings -- al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun, the Muslim Brotherhood, the godfather of all Islamic supremacist groups. With representative political parties and social organizations throughout Muslim nations, and numerous outreach arms in Western countries, it is perceived by many in the West as a moderate, peaceable association.

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