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Four Words That Can Transform a Troubled Marriage

Two short words can make big improvements in any marriage: "I'm sorry." When a husband and wife disagree on some issue they think is important to their marriage and family, it's easy to turn to denigrating one another's personality or character, or both. This is a tough time for both husband and wife, for suddenly the peace and harmony they have enjoyed in an otherwise good relationship is taken away.

Filling that vacuum are harsh words delivered in harsh voices, usually until one of the spouses determines to no longer engage in such meaningless, destructive venting.

Peace cannot grow in such poisoned ground of the mind and heart. But the moment the husband or wife, or both, sincerely say the words "I'm sorry," healing has a chance to enter and begin to salve the emotional wounds.

Generally husbands and wives don't vent their emotions toward one another unless they feel threatened in some way. Perhaps they feel their self-worth is being questioned or they have a perception that their mates don't respect them. Some of these perceptions might be real; others more likely are imagined. Still, "I'm sorry" is a powerful healing balm that can be placed over hurt and wounded feelings.

Two other short words go a long way toward creating credibility: "Thank you." There may be dozens of times each day when we should say "thank you" and we don't. We're either too busy, preoccupied with our own thoughts or feelings, or maybe we're unknowingly insensitive to the good deeds done by our mate. When your mate does anything in or out of the home that improves your situation, then is the time to say, "Thank you."

Too often we take one another for granted, jaded by deeds that have become expectations and assumptions. "Thank you" is a phrase that any of us can say that can help improve and revive our marriage. Say it once and reap the blessings. Say it often and you will enrich your marriage greatly!

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