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The DoubleTree hotel in Bloomington is booked for the month of December. The meeting will be at 2:30 pm.

Address: 7800 Normandale Boulevard, Bloomington, MN (northwest quadrant of I494 and Normandale Blvd.)

Until a new permanent location is found something temporary will be rented.

Sabbath services:
Services will begin at 1 pm. You can access the webcast simply by going to cogwa.tv. No password is necessary.

Sabbath service 1/9:
Someone in attendance last week has tested positive for covid. So the service this week is cancelled. Tune into cogwa.tv.

Friday Night Live
Rather than livestream our young adult Friday Night Live Bible studies, we will post them online at about noon on the third Friday of the month. Each month a new study will become available at noon Central time at https://members.cogwa.org/fnl/.