Documentation of the Heresy that Surrounded the New Testament

Characteristics of gnosticism
(Birger Pearson)
Jewish origin of gnosticism
(Birger Pearson)
Miqsat Ma'ase ha Torah (MMT)
(some works of law)
Abegg on MMT
(Biblical Archaeological Review)
Paul and the Gnostics
(Walter Schmithals)

Plato's Timaeus
about Plato, ~360 B.C.

Nag Hammadi library
about Nag Hammadi

Dead Sea scrolls

Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice

Philo of Alexandria
about Philo 20BC-50AD

Irenaeus: Against All Heresies
about Irenaeus 130-202

Epistula Apostolorum
(vs. Simon and Cerinthus;
very brief mention);
mid-2nd century; about

Tertullian: Against the Valentinians
about Tertullian 155-240

Hippolytus: Against All Heresies
about Hippolytus 170-235

Eusebius: History of the Church
about Eusebius 260-339

Epiphanius: Panarium
about Epiphanius 310-403

Audio Messages:
  1. 10/15/2016 The New Testament: Response to Heresy (19 min)    (text)    (caveat)
  2. 12/02/2016 There Were Heretics in Corinth (18 min)    (text)
  3. 12/24/2016 The Heresy in Corinth (43 min)    (text)
  4. 03/11/2017 The Heresy in Galatia (51 min)    (text)
  5. 05/13/2017 Romans: Is God Faithful? (18 min)    (text)
  6. 07/01/2017 Romans: Heading Off Heresy (40 min)    (text)    (caveat)
  7. 09/16/2017 The Letters from Prison (20 min)    (text)
  8. 01/13/2018 Heretics: Ascetics and Libertines (17 min)    (text)
  9. 03/03/2018 The Heresy in Colosse (36 min)    (text)
  10. 05/19/2018 Three Warnings to Ephesus (18 min)    (text)
  11. 05/26/2018 Ephesians and the Heresy in Colosse (35 min)    (text)
  12. 07/28/2018 Why the Synoptic Gospels? (19 min)    (text) (caveat)
  13. 09/15/2018 Hebrews: Angels, Melchizedek and the Tabernacle (45 min) (text)
  14. 11/10/2018 The Story Flow of Paul's Letters (22 min) (text)
  15. 01/05/2019 Aiding Timothy and Titus Against Heresy (38 min) (text)
  16. 03/30/2019 Paul's Last Words Against Heresy: Second Timothy (35 min) (text)
  17. 07/27/2019 Peter and Jude Address the Heresy (38 min) (text)
  18. 09/07/2019 John's Letters Versus the Heresy (18 min) (text)
  19. 10/05/2019 The Gospel of John Versus the Gnostics (37 min) (text)
  20. 11/16/2019 Revelation Versus the Heresy (40 min) (text)
maybe: Acts
maybe: Thessalonians

Implications of the heresy on doctrine:

  1. 9/26/2020 The Just Will Live (40 min) (text)
  2. 12/5/2020 Checking Assumptions (38 min) (text)

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